About FirstBank

Sales Team

Erick Banaszak
Correspondent Account Executive - Midwest
(440) 821-8144
Email: ebanaszak@firstbankcorr.com

Erick Banaszak has more than 18 years of experience in the mortgage and banking industry - including 12+ years as a mortgage executive for several leading banking institutions. Erick’s expertise has been developed through extensive hands on experience with correspondent lending, capital markets, wholesale lending, underwriting as well as operations. Throughout his career he has focused on building business relationships through consulting, educating and working with independent mortgage lenders, bankers, community banks and credit unions across the Midwest region. With significant experience training clients in all residential mortgage products including USDA and Jumbo offerings, he strives in delivering best in class service to build and maintain long successful correspondent lending partnerships. Erick believes in leading by example, providing honest and innovative business practices, having strong integrity and unyielding work ethic.

Raul Murria
Account Executive
(954) 998-2037
Mobile: 561-909-7163
Email: rmurria@firstbankcorr.com

Raul Murria is a 30 year veteran of the banking industry with over 25 years in the mortgage banking space. He served as an account executive with a national leader in Rural Housing for over 14 years and helped develop a broad network of client relationships by leveraging his core competence and expertise in the program. Most recently, he served as Vice President of delegated correspondent lending for a large regional mortgage bank and successfully grew that aspect of their business. Raul is a firm believer in fully managing clients’ expectations as well as providing timely and specific advice through training, speedy response times, and issue resolution.
Raul strongly believes that reputations in this space are made by establishing and maintaining relationships through direct and honest communication. He also believes in the importance of balancing advocacy for a clients’ concerns and his fiduciary responsibility to the firm he is employed by. Whether he is employed by a Fortune 100 company or a small lender; Raul seeks to establish trust and demonstrate competence with a relentless focus on building and growing client partnerships.

Beverly Sheehy
Account Executive
(301) 639-2097
Email: bsheehy@firstbankcorr.com

Beverly brings 30 years of business development and Executive Level account management experience to the industry.  She has a proven track record in strategically developing New Account business with both national and regional Accounts and clients for both mortgage insurance and correspondent business.
Beverly has built several start up divisions and territories for Mortgage Insurers for National Accounts as well as developed start up regions for correspondent and wholesale over her industry tenure.
She is recognized for her ability to identify both corporate and client win/win strategic opportunities.   Her passion is to define profitable, sustainable company’s channel business development strategies that meet client needs for startup divisions of companies.
She has successfully accomplished this with contributions to Captive reinsurance strategies, risk based pricing and LPMI strategies, and streamlined loan purchase strategies utilizing risk analytics.   Beverly has many years of relationship building experience and recognizing unique opportunities bringing value to clients.
As a result Beverly’s industry relationships have thrived over the years.

Brandee Velez
Account Executive
(754) 264-3363
Email: bvelez@firstbankcorr.com

Brandee Velez has worked in the mortgage industry for 15 years covering accounts in the upper Mid-West and Plains States. Prior to joining FirstBank’s Correspondent Division he worked as an Account Executive for 12 years with a national lender focused on the USDA’s Guaranteed Rural Housing program. Utilizing his product expertise, Brandee was able to help his clients understand the complexities and nuances of the Guaranteed Rural Housing program which allowed them to grow their market share and become top RD producers. 
Brandee is an ardent believer in the concept of “Extreme Ownership” and has built his reputation by working with his clients in a truly client centric manner. He believes that his role as an Account Executive includes being not only an advocate for his client, but also an educator, consultant, and friend. In a business that has seen most aspects commoditized, Brandee still believes in the value of old fashioned customer service.

David Sorsabal
Correspondent Account Executive
(208) 771-2670
Email: dsorsabal@firstbankcorr.com

David has over 30 years of mortgage experience with 26 years of that in the Secondary/Capital Markets arena, where he worked closely with loan originators & all the major conduits regularly. This experience allows him to focus on the needs of the individual customer to forge a long term working relationship by determining what assistance they want or expect & catering to that. Extraordinary customer service is what his clients have come to expect & that is will be continued while a member of the FirstBank Correspondent lending team. He also prides himself on staying abreast of all the important issues surrounding the housing & financial markets to be a valuable resource to his partners. He is currently a board member of the Spokane Mortgage Lenders Association assisting with local housing initiatives.

Mindy Howard-Joubert
Correspondent Account Representative - East
(954) 998-2004
Email: mhoward-joubert@firstbankcorr.com

Mindy has more than 15 years of mortgage industry experience working in operations and sales. She began her career with a national lender focused on the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing program managing both wholesale and correspondent clients. Mindy’s success in building long term partnerships is due to her high level of customer service and her ability to navigate files through the review and approval process. Her diligence and focus on the customer experience has earned her a reputation of being a trusted expert with the right answers at the right time. Mindy firmly believes that every client deserves first-class service. Her passion and determination allow her to build strong relationships based on efficiency, open and honest communication, and mutual respect at its core. She is dedicated to being an expert and a partner you can count on to positively impact your business.

Matthew Rogers
Correspondent Account Representative – West
(954) 998-2021
Email: mrogers@firstbankcorr.com

Matthew has over a decade of experience in the mortgage industry. His background in loan origination has given him a strong foundation of mortgage knowledge and skills which have paved a road of success.  Through his tenure in processing and origination, he has developed strong relationships which have allowed him to gain the tools necessary to meet and exceed the expectations of his customers and colleagues. As a member of the Correspondent Division of FirstBank, Matthew is committed to providing our customers with a level of service which is second to none.  His persistence to meet goals and surpass milestones has made Matt an asset to the FirstBank family.